This is a call to all those who want to explore the superb backcountry skiing of the western US, Canada and Switzerland. Ski the Mountains' mission is to provide clients with the best skiing experience in some of the most iconic ski terrain in the world. Year after year we provide unforgettable memories to skiers like you. 

We have built a strong network of connections in the western US over the last five seasons, enabling us to work in partnership with local land permit holders which often proves to be the stumbling block to many european guides operating successfully in North America. So if you've ever longed to ski granite edged chutes in bright Californian spring sunshine, or heli access to a private lodge in the interior of British Columbia, or slay virgin untracked Utah powder, we can bring those dreams come to fruition.

A fully bespoke guiding service is offered including pre trip planning with you to ensure that you're fully up to speed with skills and equipment from the moment we arrive.  We arrange your airport pickup and drop-off, as well as arranging all your accommodation depending on your budget. We only use 4 x 4's on our trips to ensure we can access the mountains with the minimum of fuss: as a result group size is small, which is the way we like it. We're small and personal. Ski the Mountain clients come back year after year and are our friends. The maximum ratio we work with is usually 3:1, this small group size also offers us a greater margin of safety when skiing in complex avalanche terrain. 

For your part you'll be at least a strong intermediate skier with the ability to comfortably parallel turn in all snow conditions with the willingness to ski some of the best terrain on the planet! If you would like to chat about a future ski adventure then drop us an email.


Avalanche Courses

Fall-line Magazine Decmber issue 2011 Mike Austin from Ski the Mountain said: for a long time now, Canada and the United States has been offering evaluated structured avalanche education to keen skiers and snowboarders who want to be responsible for their own safety. This has become increasingly pertinent in recent years with the massive growth in off piste and backcountry skiing. In Europe we’ve been way behind the curve in offering something similar. There are some good instructors out there, but knowledge is being passed on piecemeal. There’s no linear progression in the learning. Ski the Mountain along with Mountain Adventure Company are on a mission to provide the best avalanche courses and education available in Europe. This winter we're offering one and two day courses based in the Cairngorm Mts. Email me today for availability

2011/2012 season

Another fantastic trip to Utah with its' easily accessed valleys of the Wasatch stuffed with untracked powder was enjoyed with new friends and old during February, followed by a long drive to the Sierra Nevada where the fun continued.

Back in Scotland I've managed to shoehorn in a handful of shifts working for the Avalanche Service over the season following my Level 3 Avalanche exam in Utah last year. Back from the States a long season finished in the Alps hut to hut in the Oberland and the Ortler, prepping for certification in Valdez Alaska next year.